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Spa Day for the Lambs at the Farm

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

What is Spa Day at the Meadow Mist Farm you might ask? It is the day when we get our ewes and ram ready to go out to pasture for the summer and fall season. It is the day or multiple days when we focus solely just on them for the entire week.

Spa Day is their day of primping and preening, straightening, adjusting, readjusting, and working on them until we achieve perfection (or your hands get tired). It is catching them one by one, struggling to get the halter around their nose, and calming them down until they will let you work with them. It is the day when the old winter coat comes off and the new spring jacket is revealed. It is their re-launching day getting ready for the hot temperatures of summer when they will spend their entire day out in the fields.

It is a day one by one when the sheep shed many pounds and become light on their feet again. Their nails get a good trim too.

Then they are ready to prance, jump, and dance out in the field, to spend the long days of summer out in the sparkling sun, and eat to their heart's content

It is that time again and time to see them reunited with their summer habitat their environment where an animal naturally and normally, lives and grows.

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