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New Beef Cuts Are Here!!!

Does Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished
Beef Taste Different?

The short answer is YES! It does taste different... it's so much better!

From time to time we go to the supermarket and pick up a package of ground beef that was available from their local supermarket. It's been a long time since we've used supermarket ground beef and we were shocked by the differences we noticed. The coloring, consistency, smell, texture, etc.

Not to mention, we had no idea where this beef came from (was it raised in the US or imported?) or how it was raised (what types of feed was it given, what type of environment did the cattle live in, how were they treated, were they given unnecessary antibiotics, etc?). We were quickly reminded of what and why we do what we do.

We try and maintain a good relationship with you, our customer. We strive to educate you about what you are purchasing when you visit Meadow Mist Farm. We let you have the opportunity to choose what food to feed your family. We are honored to be able to raise such high-quality grass-fed/grass-finished beef and its many benefits with which to feed your family.


And oh yes, It tastes delicious too!

Image by Kyle Mackie

Multiple Cuts Available

Come by the farm to find all the various cuts we have on hand

  • Ground Beef

  • Steaks

  • Roasts

  • Marrow Bones

  • Bones for stock making

Available cuts vary. Stop by the farm store or call for availability.

Prices vary by cut and weight.

Helpful Beef Links

So Why Choose Grass Fed Beef?

We love the taste of grass-fed beef and the benefits that you get from making this healthy choice. But maybe you're confused by “grass-fed” or “open range” and “grain-fed,” not knowing the real difference between them. Info from Dr. Josh Axe helps us understand the differences and why grass-fed is a healthier choice


Where Do All the Beef Cuts Come From?

Beef is divided into large sections called primal cuts, which you can see in our beef cuts chart. These primal beef cuts, or "primals," are then broken down further into subprimals, or "food-service cuts." These are then sliced and chopped into individual steaks, roasts, and other retail cuts. We know confusing huh? One of our go-to sites, the Spruce Eats breaks its all down for you

Spuce Eats Beef Cuts Image.webp

Cooking Steak on the Stovetop 

Sure you love cooking a steak on the grill. Who doesn't? But sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate or maybe or maybe the idea of firing up the grill is not in your plans? Cooking steak on the stovetop is not hard and some say, it's really the best way. Learn how from Serious Eats.

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