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Grass Finished Lamb

Local Lamb Finished in Local Pastures

Meadow Mist lamb is raised right here in Massachusetts, not transported from another country like New Zealand or Australia. Our heritage breed of lamb is slow-growing, never fed grains, antibiotics or hormones.


Our lamb is dry-aged. Virtually all meat found in grocery stores is wet-aged. The process is cheaper and the selling weight is considerably higher since the meat retains all its moisture. The biggest difference between the two kinds of meat is in the flavor. Dry-aged lamb can be described as having a roasted, nutty flavor, while wet-aged lamb can taste slightly metallic and lacks the same depth of flavor.


You will find our lamb to be tender, flavorful, but not gamey. Quite delicious!

Lamb Cuts.jpg

Multiple Cuts Available

Come by the farm to find all the various cuts we have on hand

  • Leg of lamb bone-in and boneless

  • Shoulder Roast

  • Ground Lamb

  • Kebabs

  • Bones for Stock

  • Shanks

  • Rib Loin and Shoulder Chops

Available cuts vary. Stop by the farm store or call for availability.

Prices vary by cut and weight.

Interesting Lamb Links

Influenced by Mediterranean flavors this lamb leg is boneless. Butterflied and stuffed with feta and rosemary. Reminiscent of a trip to the Greek isles.

Roasted Lamb with Pepper Sauce.jpg

The Culture of Lamb

Lamb is symbolic of spring, sacrifice, fertility and it unites people around a table of delicious food. The lore and tradition that surrounds the way lamb has been served around the globe is a source of inspiration for new ways to prepare it. Learn about the flavorful culture of lamb in this article by The Center for the Advancement of Foodservice Education.

Middle Eastern Table

Everyone loves a good burger. Meadow Mist Beef is perfect for your backyard barbeque, but sometimes you want a change. Have you ever tried a lamb burger? If not, you should. This recipe from Casual Foodist is a great way to check out a new taste from your grill.

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