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Meadow Mist Chicken

Our pasture raised, French breed chicken is available right now!!!

Our Chicken Tastes So Good

Typical supermarket chicken is raised with one goal in mind: produce the most meat in the shortest time using the least amount of feed.  This means confined housing, GMO feeds that are medicated to control stress and illness, and a breed of chicken that grows so heavy so fast that its legs can barely support its weight.


Meadow Mist is a local family farm and while we practice non-chemical farming, our first consideration is the breed of the bird.  We use a French breed that is selected for taste and texture rather than rapid weight gain.  We then feed the young chicks on a diet of premium organic feeds.  When they are fully feathered they are transferred to pens set on green, lush pasture where they continue to grow on organic feed supplemented by pasture greens.  The pens are moved daily to keep their living space fresh and clean, which means medicated feeds are not needed.


You'll Taste the Difference

Our customers appreciate the taste and texture of the meat, but also the way the birds are raised and handled.  We invite you to try our pastured, organically fed chicken and see if you don’t agree.

Helpful Chicken Resources

Check out this classic from the icon of french cooking!

Plated roast chicken with vegatables ala Julia Child

We sell our chickens whole. Maybe you want to break the chicken down into smaller parts, but you don't know how? It's easy, just watch this video from Serious Eats.

Various ways to butcher a chicken
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