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Market 2Day Highlighted on Chronicle WCVB Channel 5

A perfect solution for getting farm fresh and local products when you just cannot get out of the house.

Market 2Day is an app created by Insa Elliott in the Fall of 2017 to grow the local food economy by making it easier and more accessible to busy people. Meadow Mist Farms is proud to be a part of the Market 2Day network.

Recently Market 2Day was profiled by WCVB Channel 5 Chronicle and if you look closely you may even see some Meadow Mist produce in the clip!

If you would like to learn more about Market 2Day or maybe even purchase some products from Meadow Mist Farm via the app this is how it works.

You can visit the Market 2Day website to get all the info you need to get started. Or visit the Market 2Day page on the Meadow Mist Farm website.

Happy Shopping!!!

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