Share your time & talents with Meadow Mist!

Young male volunteer in jacket, hat and gloves in chicken coop with chicken on his shoulder


As a private, family-run micro-farm, we rely on volunteers who are as passionate about "back-to-the-earth" non-chemical farming as we are, in order to keep the seasonal cycle of nature's bounty thriving!


Meadow Mist Farm is a great place to volunteer and learn new skills! We work every day and are always in need of extra hands.


Work may include:


  • ​Help with crops

  • Processing food

  • Help with animals (cleaning, feeding, etc.)

  • Labeling packaged products & Inventory counts

  • Interacting with customers

  • Technology help and updates to this website


If you are interested in getting your hands dirty or learning about what goes into your food, please contact us!


Email:   Send us a message CONTACT US

Phone: (781) 354-5037​


We look forward to meeting you!

"The healing of the land and the purification of the human spirit
is the same process."

- Masanobu Fukuoka   


When you buy from local farms you are:


  • Supporting the local economy

  • Preserving rural landscapes

  • Conserving open space

  • Connecting with the sources of your food

  • Eating fresher food products

  • Saving transportation costs

  • Conserving fossil fuels

  • Helping preserve crop diversity

  • Supporting farm families

Freshly picked produce offerings at Meadow Mist Farm including broccoli, carrots, garlic, potatoes.